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Message Subject Full scoop on the so-called "nobody"
Poster Handle Nobody Gomez
Post Content
Maybe he is like the dude from the Big Lebowski?
Just some dude that wants something out of life to center his room ya know?
Maybe the dude aka the nobody had a lady friend and really want her to be the center of his room as like the carpet?

So does the nobody smoke weed?
According to many description I have come to the conclusion
That the Nobody does exist as the WOS
But I don't believe we will ever see them in the public eye right?
To me it sounds like a simple love story.
Perhaps they are indeed the old souls of Jesus and Mary whomever you want to call them?

Maybe it simpler than we make them?
Just like any story with characters we exaggarate their charterisc to build them up bigger than they are kind of like some sort of honor for their existence ya know?

Like Paul Bunyan etc

Nobody needs Somebody to Love because Love is Everything

If I had weed I smoke to both Nobody and Woman of Scars
But all I got is this resin ashes but I will smoke too them.

4/20/2012 4 elements 2 people 1+3= Bong/Weed with 2 people smoking up the world to a higher frequency with a 69 position of Love?
Lets hope so we need some good shit ya know
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