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Geometric Modulation - Increasing the Power of HAARP?

Sgt. Stedanko
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04/17/2012 09:52 PM
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Geometric Modulation - Increasing the Power of HAARP?
As tornadoes complete their march through America’s heartland, and earthquakes rattle the planet, questions as to the nature of these events are being raised anew, particularly among those aware of the capabilities of HAARP technology. Indeed, the more one understands about the levels of technological development achieved in the upper reaches of government and elitist corporations, the more one is forced to question what previously could be taken for granted as a natural occurrence.

Nevertheless, the very concept of man-made weather is simply too much for many stuck in mainstream tunnel vision to grasp. Admittedly, those of us not actually involved in the project, as a result of overwhelming secrecy and blatant refusal to divulge any real information on the HAARP system, are left to much speculation.

Some individuals may claim that HAARP is incapable of producing large-scale events. Others, however, find a way to blame virtually every natural disaster on the technology. In the end, the truth likely sits somewhere in between.
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