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Liens Filed Against Federal Reserve Banks

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04/21/2012 10:50 PM
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Liens Filed Against Federal Reserve Banks
I think this report is based off of the David W./Drake intel.

This is prob BS. You decide..

Liens Filed Against Federal Reserve Banks

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
April 17, 2012

As of last week, liens were filed on all 12 Federal Reserve banks. A “cease and desist” order has also been filed against the bank’s daily business activities. This is an action to prevent the global Elite from stealing any more of the American public’s wealth.

Thousands of members of the financial sector, media, all branches of the military, corporations and nearly all levels of the government (domestic and international) are about to be arrested for crimes committed against humanity.
The world’s financial system has been high-jacked by a central banking cartel working for the global Elite. The mainstream media are owned by only 5 multi-national corporations that control the flow of information to the general public. All branches of the government (here in the US and in all the G5 controlled countries) are being manipulated by these Elites.

The arrests that will take place will be carried out by US Marshalls in conjunction with local law enforcement. The military will be available and on stand-by to assist if needed. Their legal right to arrest the global Elite comes from the provision in our US Constitution that gives all citizens the right to remove their government if it has become corrupt.

Some of the CEOs of major banks worldwide have resigned in an effort to by-pass the arrests that are coming. Those resignations will not secure them safety from their crimes. A comprehensive list of recent resignations are here .
During the 72 hours while the arrests are occurring, some disruptions can be expected.

• International and domestic air travel will be suspended to prevent the global Elite from fleeing the country.
• Measures will be taken to keep the electricity undisturbed, although it is well known that the Elite plan on blowing up some power grids.

• A possible 3 day period of local disruption of phone service and internet can be expected to prevent electronic financial transactions by the global Elite.
For the first 5 days after the arrests, all television, radio and internet services will broadcast coverage of the arrests, investigations, trails and convictions. This information broadcasts will completely take over all transmissions to ensure all people stay informed to alleviate confusion. Some pre-recorded documentaries have been made with celebrities working with the Freedom Movement. The recognizable public figures are expected to quell some of the fears of the general community.
These arrests are meant to remove the global Elite from power to restore the US to its American Republic and Constitutional rule.

The gold that the Federal Reserve stole from Americans with the assistance of FDR will be given back to the American people.

Within the Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve Bank is an estimated $2 million trillion US dollars’ worth of gold under deposit. The global Elite have been lying about the supposed scarcity of gold in the world. Eighty-five percent of the gold is believed to belong to China and other Asian countries. Essentially, the Collateral Accounts in the Federal Reserve could cover all the fiat currency printed many times over. Yet, Bernanke is claiming that the US is headed for an inevitable economic collapse.

[link to occupycorporatism.com]

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