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Hospital fee question

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User ID: 13250526
04/27/2012 10:38 AM
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Hospital fee question
OK so I had a procedure this morning....it was only the neck lipo but as soon as I awoke it was clear I had a big hematoma happening which was causing a choking sensation...so they rushed me back in to open it up and fix the problem.

After a couple of hours in ICU I was free to go home. The original cost I'd paid was AU$1375 for the surgical room and day bed. They did ask if I wanted to stay overnight to be sure...but I said no. Then the hospital decides it wants to charge me an extra $730 for the added time in surgery. EXCUSE ME....but it was the same operation...they just took me out before they realised they hadnt finished!

The nurse looking after me suggested before I left that if the hopsital wanted to charge me extra...to resist. She offered that info by herself...I hadnt thought to ask because it didnt cross my mind they would view it as a separate operation!

So...doctors/nurses/anyone....can they charge extra surgical room costs when its probably the Drs fault for not noticing the hematoma problem before closing up...or is it just my bad luck and I will have to pay extra??

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