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Want to buy a gun/advice needed


User ID: 14320441
United States
05/02/2012 09:39 AM
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Re: Want to buy a gun/advice needed
Get a HiPoint 9mm. They're cheap, absolutly dependable, wont fire if you drop it in your panic, and is less than $200.00 new. Lifetime no questions asked full warranty.
 Quoting: bonsaiguy

Do NOT get this gun. I used to own one and it was fucking aweful. It won't fire if you drop it and it won't fire if you pull the trigger. It literally jammed up every other shot. There's a reason it's so cheap. You get what you pay for.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6187782

You sure it wasn't the wally-world reloads your were shooting or you limp-wristing the shots?

I have 2 weapons (1 pistol in .40 and 1 carbine in 9mm) from HiPoint and they're both great (especially for the price).

If you had a HiPoint that jammed every other round, a quick return to the factory would of had a completely corrected weapon back to you in less than a week.

The HiPoints are on the heavy side, and they sure aren't pretty, but if you're on a tight budget, they're decent weapons. Neither of mine have ever experienced any FTF or FTE.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1010412

You can get the HiPoint 9mm for around $150. Its large, heavey, and a single stack, which means it has poor ammo capacity for its size. In fact, my 1911 Colt New Agent .45ACP has significantly larger bullets, is a compact 1911, and has a higher ammo capacity and its a smaller gun and fires larger bullets!

I own a Hipoint 9mm pistol. Its a good, cheap, gun. I actually bought it for my wife for the house/range because it has little recoil due to its size. I have yet to get a FTF or FTE on that gun and we have a hair over 3k rounds though it and we hardly clean it.

Its a huge PITA to take apart, so when I clean it, I just run a brush through it. If it breaks, I'll just send it in for the No Questions lifetime warranty.

I am 110% satisfied with that handgun, and I am thrilled that it is 100% American made, and American supported.

With all of this being said - if you are looking for a PISTOL for personal protection in the home, my advice is still to go with a Glock variant chambered in 9mm (or in .40S&W with the 9mm conversion parts).
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15393674
United States
05/03/2012 04:39 PM
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Re: Want to buy a gun/advice needed
Consider a good quality handgun safe with a mechanical pushbutton lock. Can be opened by feel in total darkness and if it takes you 5 seconds you are slow and need to practice more. Bolt it to something solid like your bed frame.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15393674

Dude only pushed 2 buttons to open it??? Sounds way too easy for a child to figure out by mistake. OP has children at home so consider that.... Biometric safe would be much better option.

Dude you can punch up to all 5 and also multi at the same time. Whatever you want. By the way, it was 3.