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Neutrinos are heating our planets in our solar system !!

User ID: 1421514
United States
04/30/2012 03:41 PM
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Neutrinos are heating our planets in our solar system !!
Science has taught us that in the center of our Galaxy there is a black hole, from these black hole neutrinos are shot out into the the solar systems in our galaxy..The closer our our solar system gets to the alignment of the black rift,the more neutrinos are going to hit our planets in the solar system..Neutrino's heat up planets.Which in return planets become unstable in weather patterns and Plantronics movement.. I read this in a book. So its possible ( NIBIRU ) is being used as a distraction to avoid this ordeal on the media ? We all know things aren't right with our planet(s)in the solar system, if we all work together, add all info in one pile , maybe we can figure this shit out..