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Message Subject The Gospel of Grace, the Law, Jesus Words and Sauls words and the defining of 2000 years of Christianity explained
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The Security of the Believer:

Perseverance of the Saints

Scripture teaches that the elect are those whom God set apart, effectually called, sanctified by the Spirit, and justified. These will be glorified—nothing in all of creation can separate them from the love of God (cf. Rom. 8:28ff.).

The assertion that one can forfeit or lose his righteousness/justification after being imputed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ, God the Son (cf. Rom. 44:4-8), theologically misapprehends both the sufficiency of the perfect work of Christ and the biblical doctrine of justification. The notion that justification is temporary implies that creaturely performance (good behavior, obedience, love, etc.) is required to maintain a righteous status before God, which is consistent with Roman Catholicism, not biblical theology.

Before examining the biblical evidence for perseverance of the saints, an important fact must be stated: perseverance of the saints does not mean that anyone who merely professes “Jesus Christ” is sealed and saved for eternity. Only true believers have eternal life.[1] For those whom God regarded (elected) as His own, He called to Himself, declared them righteous by imputing them with the perfect righteousness of His Son. These, Jesus says, will be resurrected to life (cf. John 6:39). God infallibly saves and brings all of His beloved to glorification: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!” (Isa. 43:1; cf. 54:10; Jer. 32:40).

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