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Message Subject Hell Hath No Fury Like A Private Prison. Collusion of State and Corporations to Put You in Prison?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is most likely the most frightening post ever to appear on GLP.

People too damn scared stupid to do anything about it though.

 Quoting: zacksavage


it means many things can happen to the "average" joe target.

Lets see....one scenario....

poor joe goes to renew his drivers license. Joe is told some bull shit reason why he can't have it renewed that day...

when in fact there is something "bogus" put into the system...

Miss mary jane has not real clue what it all means but told to tell joe

he has to come back with documentation of some sort...


Joe gets into his car mad and

that day...or a day or two

he gets stopped by a police ....

for driving without a license ....


joe is in jail
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15411618

Well, now joe is not in prison yet. He is just in jail and has the right to be let out soon ; after all this is NOT a reason to hold someone a long time, Right?

As target joe sets in the holding pin at the jail he is approached by Paid Plant Jack who proceeds to fight with target joe...
joe has no clue what is really happening and feels he needs to tell jack to leave him alone and a fight breaks out....

well, poor target joe is now in more trouble than before...spends the night and

the judge the next day now has a reason to keep joe in longer...

THis is how the game is played in many cases....

target joe is now wearing orange and a prison slave...
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