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Message Subject Hell Hath No Fury Like A Private Prison. Collusion of State and Corporations to Put You in Prison?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Very few of those family service/ drug rehab centers accomplish anything. Plus they are all after the fact. By the time one comes out from these prisons and jails they are so mind raped very few seem to recover and if they do its despite of these family services and rehabs. And i agree its definitey more parasitic for capitol after the prison experience. Not to mention humiliating because these rehabs teach that EVERYTHING thats ever happened to you is YOUR fault.
 Quoting: dragunov_1977

I think a lot of those services are good in theory, but they are very poorly executed and plagued by the same rigidity and close-minded thinking that infiltrates most of our industries in our society today. That 'by the book' thinking that has absolutely no regard for outside the box thinking or approaches. Our science and medical fields are very much stuck in this mentality as well. If these people don't love or respect themselves, how are they going to be able to learn to respect their bodies? Drug counseling trying to treat the symptoms but not treat the cause.

Can you please tell me more about that link you posted earlier? I am planning on visiting the site but would like to hear a first-hand account about it if you don't mind. How does the process work? Thanks!

While in many cases it may be true that the benifits of therapy is nil, many times it is also beneficial.
Unfortunately there is good and bad in everything.
I myself was given a choice, 1 yr intensive out patient therapy or 6 yrs prison. Of course I chose counseling. I was very rebeliuous and in total denial at first. I felt everyone and everything was to blame. As the months moved on I began to see things different. I am the one who makes my own choices and I am the only one that can change myself. I had a wonderful counseler that knew how to see through people and reach into them. It was defintely a good experience for me and I have learned to accept responsibility for myself and my actions.
I realise this is not the outcome for everyone and that there are a lot of counselers that don't really care or just plain are not good at it.
 Quoting: GreyMatter

Yeah I guess I was definitely generalizing there. I do not believe that my depiction applies entirely across the board in the industry, but I do feel that it rings true for a good portion of the services being rendered out there. Often times the people implementing those services are approaching people with very individualized needs and issues with a more standardized and formalized approach that really does not attack the root issues of the matter. Almost a one size fits all approach. I mean I can just sit here in my head and thing of all sorts of ways that may be more effective at getting through to some individuals than relying solely on conventional techniques.

That is an terrific story of personal triumph that you have to shared there. : ) Don't you feel like a stronger willed individual now in your life from having endured through that process which must have been very difficult at the time? While I did not have an issue with drugs, the way you described your changes in your life in relation to that issue is eerily similar to my own account of how I repaired my persistently negative outlook of my life. Mentally I was living in my own little self-imposed prison. Trying to correct the problem, I was fixated on all the external factors that I thought were contributing to my unhappiness. When I finally gained a sense of clarity and was able to shift my consciousness and my way of thinking - I realized that the changes had to originate from within and not from the external factors or circumstances that I was perceiving on the surface level. I think the reason that people like you and I were able to change is that some part of you has to want to help yourself get better. Unfortunately I think many of these prisoners are so consumed with their own despair - that many of them cannot find that desire to do so through exposure to traditional treatment methods.


I feel stronger healthier and happier. I wish it could be the same for a lot of others. From what I have seen a lot of people lose faith and hope in themselves and society in general. I think a lot of us are victims of circumstance and then again a lot of us are victims of our own circumstances.

Anyways thanks for sharing and for a little support.

Back to the original subject I have to agree with AC 15467801 on the privatized prison issue. I believe way too many people are being locked up for issues that can be dealt with in a better way. Unfortunately that is not the view of profiteers. There is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to see a rise in prison populations through the coming years ahead of us. In my part of the country, a small SW town the county jail is at capacity 24/7. It is a brand new expanded capacity jail. They are trying to build another one across the road. Gotta keep them full. Money money money money.
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