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Message Subject Hell Hath No Fury Like A Private Prison. Collusion of State and Corporations to Put You in Prison?
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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Back to the original subject I have to agree with AC 15467801 on the privatized prison issue. I believe way too many people are being locked up for issues that can be dealt with in a better way. Unfortunately that is not the view of profiteers. There is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to see a rise in prison populations through the coming years ahead of us. In my part of the country, a small SW town the county jail is at capacity 24/7. It is a brand new expanded capacity jail. They are trying to build another one across the road. Gotta keep them full. Money money money money.
 Quoting: GreyMatter

On average it costs approx $20-26K a year to incarcerate an individual. Look at all these offenders who are serving long sentences for drug related offenses. Remember the 5 years for 5 grams of crack laws from the 80's? Can anyone tell me that it's in society's best interest to spend $100K of taxpayers money to lock somebody up for 5 years for drug possession? A somebody who will be worse off and less able to cope with the rigors of life when he/she gets out and thus likely to re-offend? The only individuals who should be incarcerated and thus incapacitated for long periods of time (if not indefinitely) should be those who commit very violent offenses (murderers, sex offenders, habitual violent offenders).

If the public really had any conception of how much money is spent and wasted in the prison industry, and how ineffective many of our laws are at actually deterring crime, they might actually wake up to what's going on. Billions of dollars spent treating the symptoms of larger societal issues & problems and absolutely no attempt to treat the causes.
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