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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content
And now..this thread has degenerated into a pre school type fight over whether god has a weeny or not...

SO fucking TYPICAL of christians...
 Quoting: Aussie Coward 14245114

Heay! Kook fight!

Who said there was evidence ?


Either Atheism is illogical or there are no atheists

False dichotomy.

I can think of a number of other possibilities.

And again, argument from authority.
I don't care what people claim.
I only care what evidence they present.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

You didn't even read the link, did you?
 Quoting: Miggy

That page tried to sell me books and lectures.
It does not contain evidence for the existence of any gods.

In one page it told you what pain-staking lengths the guy went to in order to prove there IS NO GOD!
 Quoting: Miggy

It doesn't say that.
Also, irrational. Not possible to proof an universal negative.

In the end, he was not only convinced that there IS a God but became one of His strongest believers.
 Quoting: Miggy

I'll take it as a given that Mr. Strobel is convinced of the existence of a god.
There are also people who are convinced that the Earth is flat.
It proofs absolutely nothing.
...and, if any part of your belief set considers the possibility of a supreme being, then you are NOT an atheist. you are an agnostic, or an existentialist.
 Quoting: Salt

Entertaining the possibility of something does not equate to the believe in that something.
That's what the theism-atheism is about, the believe/non-believe in any god.
If you can't say "I do believe in a god or gods" then you are an atheist.

Agnosticism/gnosticism is about the believe that it is possible to know the answer.
Whole different animal.

ETs are probable, and certainly not impossible.
But I don't believe in ET. There is no evidence they actually exist.

 Quoting: Canadian Coward 2994564

And another argument from authority.
What is Flew's evidence?

(And why can't they leave the old man alone?)

It doesn't matter who claims what.
It only matters what evidence they bring.

 Quoting: Canadian Coward 2994564

That is basically the teleological argument.
Unconvincing, obviously. It has been around for a couple of thousand years.

 Quoting: Canadian Coward 2994564

More of the same.
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