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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
Poster Handle Sunder
Post Content
OP, you've made a ridiculous amount of logical errors, so let me sift them for you.



1) Atheist: Who created God?

^ No smart atheist is stupid enough to ask this question; if something doesn't exist, it's pointless to ask who created it. There is no creator of a non-existent Bench.

2) Atheist: God does not exist?

^ That's not even a question, that's a premise. Smart atheists do not assert God does not exist, but that we cannot know if a God exists, because we do not have evidence for him, so it is pointless to believe in one.

3) Atheist: The existence of God is illogical!

4) Atheist: Can God create a rock...

5) Atheist: Prove God!

^Burden of proof; null hypothesis is the negation. It's the same as saying "Prove Bigfoot!"; because the default logical state is to assume Bigfoot doesn't exist.

6) Atheist: I only believe in what I can see and touch.

7) God is spiritual and is proved with spiritual methods.

8) Logical proof of God.

You can't prove God logically; otherwise there would be no dispute about it. Logic is pretty rock solid and defined mathematically; don't even pretend your God can be mathematically demonstrated.

9) Einstein and Strindberg. Wise men!

1) Atheist: Who created God?

Consult above, this is a dumb argument from a dumb atheist; smart atheists would not use this as an argument. If something doesn't exist, it's pointless to ask who created it. There is no creator of a non-existent Bench.

2) Atheist: God does not exist!

You're correct that this is only a premise and it's wrong to assume it true, but it's also wrong to assume "God exists" is true; the middle ground is better: "We don't know." Gnostic Atheists believe this, and they're generally considered stupid. The average smart atheist is an Agnostic Atheist. (Before any retarded 'agnostics' jump in, gnosticism/agnosticism is not a religion, it's an assertion of what you know (source: dictionary); atheism is not 'the disbelief in God' but 'the lack of belief in God' which are two different things.

3) Atheist: The existence of God is illogical.

If you think that it's illogical for God to exist, did you ever stop to think the same thing about yourself? Do you think it's logial for you to exist? Why is your own existence more logical than God's? To believe that our own existence came about without an existing cause is the same as believing that sunrays can exist without the sun.

There are three fundamental assertions:

1. I exist.
2. I can learn things from the experiences I have around me.
3. Predictive models are better than non-predictive models.

You cannot start philosophy without having those 3 core beliefs, because otherwise everything is an incoherent mess. It is more logical for me to exist than God because you can observe me, and you cannot observe a God. Also, this isn't more an attack on the argument rather than your scientific illiteracy, but sunrays can exist without the sun; they're a form of radiation and it can be generated from other places (we just give them different names but they are in essence the same thing).


4)​ Atheist: Can God create a rock so heavy He cannot lift it Himself? And if he can't lift it, he's not almighty.

Reference to number 1; it's stupid to ask a question about something that does not exist.

5) Atheist: Prove God!

Atheists always demand God to appear Himself in front of their eyes before they will start believing. This is simply pride and God does not answer prideful challenges just as much as the President of USA would pay you a visit without you giving him any worthy qualifications which caught his attention.

It is not pride; we just need evidence something exists before we believe in it; the President DOES give us evidence he exists; he has actions he executes, public letters, etc. Your God doesn't; he didn't write scripture, people did, claiming they were inspired from him.

Ask yourself this: Do you, as an atheist, deserve to have a personal visit by the Almighty? What are your qualifications?

Surely he's capable of providing such a visit; he's infinite, so it should be no effort for him.

When you can't even get the President of USA to pay you a visit, what makes you think God would appear in His all Greatness in front of your very eyes?

I don't claim the President is infinitely powerful.

It's the opposite. Atheists despise God, they spit on Him and do not want to get rid of their illusion that God does not exist.

I despise liars and bullshitters; you are the one who is deluded, as demonstrated by all these logical errors.

They want it to stay that way and because God does not interfere with the free will, the atheist will never feel the presence of God until he change his attitude.

That doesn't seem like free will; if I need a certain attitude in order to see/feel something, that seems like submission. You religious have a saying don't you: "Submit to the lord. Serve the lord."

For the atheist, God will prove His existence when it's too late, when you're dead.

Doesn't seem like a moral thing to do to me, seems like God would rather I be burnt rather than him to do the simple thing and show he exists.

You cannot *see* God until you *realize*.

Just as you apparently cannot see logic unless it's pointed out to you, you're just rambling religious babble by this point.

Remember that. You must realize that God is essential and that His existence is the foundation of everything that is.

Clearly not; I seem to be living a happy, godless life. I have a loving girlfriend, money, and friends. I do charity work and I help those around me. I stay true to the law and to my values. These are the important things in life, not religion.

You can never prove or convince an atheist about God or anything other that's spiritual because that atheist is spiritual blind.

So you claim God made me that way, and that I'm going to be punished for it by God; that makes God an immoral being does it not?

6) Atheist: I only believe in what I can see and touch.

Can you see, hear or touch your thoughts?
Can you see, hear or touch your intelligence?
Can you see, hear or touch your conciousness?

Let's break this down by replacing "see and touch" with "observe" which is a better scientific descriptor. We can observe our thoughts, it's the electron transfer in mental neurons; if you need proof, we can smash up a brain and it will stop a person from thinking. This happens in every case. I'll ignore the rest of this because it's just insulting and crude.

7​) God is spiritual and is proved with spiritual methods.

Atheists claim nothing spiritual exists, so yes, this statement is correct if we use the word 'proof' loosely. Proofs are generally considered logic-orientated though, and spirtual methods are not logical.

8) Logical proof of God.

Perfection in the Creation:

How can it be that everything is so perfect?

The world is clearly not perfect; otherwise why would atheists exist?

The quest for the meaning of life:

Humans always needs something to live for because it's not enough to just exist.

It is for some people. The meaning of life is arbitrary; a God is not needed for it.

The inner void:

Stop using sentimentalism; some people feel they are unhappy, and that's the void that is present; the absence of happiness. I have met many people without such a void.

The personal experience of God:

You often hear believers say: "I've experienced God". So many people can witness about the presence of God that it simply cannot be made up.

Argumentum ad Populum (numerical fallacy); yes it can be made up, please see 'Mass Hysteria', which is when a large group of people are affected by the same delusion due to crowd effects, which are genetically present as they assist survival. People say they experience God because it makes them feel better that he exists, not because it is true, but because it makes them happy; there is a distinction.

9) Einstein and Strindberg. Wise men!

"When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous." Albert Einstein

"It's just as illogical to believe in the world but deny God, as it is to believe in the shoe but deny the shoemaker" August Strindberg

''About God, I cannot accept any concept based on the authority of the Church. As long as I can remember, I have resented mass indoctrination. I do not believe in the fear of life, in the fear of death, in blind faith. I cannot prove to you that there is no personal God, but if I were to speak of him, I would be a liar. I do not believe in the God of theology who rewards good and punishes evil. My God created laws that take care of that. His universe is not ruled by wishful thinking, but by immutable laws''.

- Albert Einstein.

Not only that, but many people seem to think that Albert Einstein is an authority in everything; he was one of the smartest physicists that has probably ever lived; that does not mean he knew everything, or was prone to human error; I'm pretty sure I'd know many facts Albert didn't. It's irrelevant in his case, he was not a theist either, but a deist; it's just Christian/Jewish stupidity that has led them to believe he was one of them.


What do you say folks?
 Quoting: Vinyard

I say you need to get your head sorted, and do something called study.

Sunder - Ex-theist.
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