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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The atheists credo - - - -

We believe in one Matter,
The almighty, the omnipotent
Maker of the whole universe
Of all that is seen and unseen
We believe in one Cosmic Egg
The only Son of Matter
Eternally begotten of Matter
Matter from Matter, Energy from Energy,
True Matter from True Matter
Begotten not made,
Of one being with Matter
Through the Egg all things were made
For us men and for our evolution
It formed itself in the heavens
By the power of the Energy it became incarnate into virgin space, and was made Egg
For our sake, it exploded in a singularity,
expanded, and expanded and became everything
In accordance with the ‘Big Bang’ story
It spread across the heavens and evolved into galaxies
It will continue in glory
Until the ultimate heat death
We believe in the Energy, the giver of life, which proceeds from the Matter and the Egg
With the Matter and the Egg it is worshipped and glorified
It has been revealed by the atheists
We believe in one, secular humanist and Darwinian faith
We acknowledge one, atheistic viewpoint for the education of all.
We look for the oblivion of the dead
And the destruction of the world to come.
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