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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
Poster Handle evilalien
Post Content
im not an atheist because of any of those arguments,i was brought up a christian but slowly i came to put my "faith" in science,if i break a leg i trust science and go to the hospital,if one of my kids is sick likewise.i turn on the switch and the lights come on,sit here typing on the lap top and ya'll can read it!sure i believe what "scientists" tell me even if i don't understand it but my life experience has shown me that doing so is usually the safest course,as in when my mum had a big stomach op last year,nearly died,i have no idea what the surgeons did but now shes fine.i've never had any experience to show me that god exists,gives a shit about me,the world,anything let alone should be worshiped,in fact ive never got how a being so intelligent could be so spiteful!but anyway!
im no great scholar and don't expect to be able to make any christians see why i think what i do,its just my two pennies worth..for what its worth!
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