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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would not have taken the time to write all that because 99.9% of the religious people will ignore it anyway but nonetheless, I fully agree with your response. Nicely written.
 Quoting: Psych

It's true, but I feel it's best to post it anyway; maybe somebody will read it, they might actually understand.

Isnt that the point you have to have faith? wouldnt it be better to beleive in God and have faith like the Bible ask you to? what if God does exist and seeing you had no faith you do end up in Hell? why not just beleive its not hard and live right? then if God does exist you get rewarded and if god doent exist then you didnt lose anything. to me it seems most people live right,descent lives so the onlything that would keep you out of Heaven is your faith that Jesus died on the cross for your sins.and in that case itseems to be ego that keeps people from beleiving in Go, they seem like i would hurt their pride if they were to beleie in a higher power han themselves.so you live right,you have faith hat there has got to be something bigger than this life you beleive that theson of God died for your sins so you can go to Heaven.simple.wouldnt it suck to olive life good be a nice person etc... then go to hell becase you had no Faith in the one who created you?just do it beleive in God have bind faith, if hes not there big deal but if he is there then you will have eternity in paradise.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8184396

The argument you are describing is known in contemporary philosophy as Pascal's Wager, and it is such an old argument I'm pretty surprised theists are still using it when it was debunked ages ago.

The reason it doesn't work is that Pascal's Wager assumes there are only 2 choices; their God, or atheism. This is not true; there are an infinite number of permutations of invisible gods; this is obvious by the fact there are 1000s of interpretations of Christianity; but not only that, there are Muslims, jewish people, faiths known and unknown, etc. We're not making a choice between those; Christians according to Muslims go to hell, and vise versa. The only difference between an atheist and a theist is that we believe in one less god than you, out of an infinite number. The reason atheists exist is because we believe in truth; we know that we do not know about questions like "why things exist" or "does a god exist". We simply choose not to believe in things we cannot actively use in our daily lives (don't get confused here; we mean stuff like technology and moral practice). To live a moral life, it is not necessary to believe in a God, in fact, it is obvious that the more moral thing to do is not to believe; since belief entails divison among people, and intolerance.
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