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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
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It's nice to see mature responses for once but I would love to hear a few replies from some atheists and what your opinion is about this. I do make a few good points in my first post right?
 Quoting: Vinyard

No, these are the standard failed apologetics that Christian have used for a long long time. They've been shown to be illogical numerous times.

For example the first one paragraph is one of the silliest. "God has to be perfect, therefore he to exist to be perfect".
Take anything else you can imagine, define it as perfect (a lingual, not physical, construct) and therefore state that is exists.
There is a perfect knife that is so perfect it can cut through a 20 foot boulder with one swipe. That knife has to exist because for it to be perfect it also has to exist. See? lingual nonsense, not real proof.

Then the arguments get silly, not more logical.
"So many people can witness about the presence of God that it simply cannot be made up"
So therefore because all the scientologists witness about the mind control by the alien Xenu it has to be true?

Reality isn't established by popular vote.

Read a lot more, you'll see these arguments are tried over and over and fail over and over.
And referencing Kent Hovind completely destroys any good will being young and naive may have gotten you. He is a federal prisoner after getting caught not paying taxes.He was using the religion shtick to claim a tax exemption.

His type of religious argument, often seen on Youtube, etc, is a special category all it's own: Arguments that they know are illogical and wrong but marketed to believers whom they know are not educated. Spread your vision a little more, you'll see how silly he is.
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