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Message Subject A Christian's opinion about Atheists arguments against the existence of God. (Discussion thread)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Friend this thread ...just confirms the bipolar nature of universal reality. Not that it matters or changes how each bipolar humans choose to find, loose, confuse and delude themselves, about both their own lives and mortality and existence.

It amazes me that all our hierarchal doctrines and elitist delusion all claim the same assumption ..that we humans are somehow very important and special things and righteous in some way above everything (except our own corrupt and created hierarchies of course..religion being one of many)

Basically friend ...what we think and do here does not actually matter in the slighted (except of course to us and our lives now). Bipolar Infinity does not have any conscience or require an u;timate designer creator figure or hierarchal leaders and or polar oppositions..these are all delusional human constructs

How can it be that the universe is full of bipolar energy and matter and completely unstable and always cyclically changing (yet according to religious texts and folks was solely created by a polar singularity (all positve, good and loving) called god?...isn't that a contradiction and theorectically impossible ..or is god actually bipolar too?
also strangely come the rules of engagement..iet strangely this god does not comply to the same rules and commandments or morales ..hmmm very interesting

Have you ever considered that your god and devil thingy's are simply the polarised extremes of the self same energy..that we now called bipolar electricity? cos it can bring light and life and ironnically destroy and kill too!

Now tell me friend...do you think electricity really has a soul or even conscience to think, feel or reflect about it's positive and negative actions and interaction..if No then why do you create a religion and institional hierarchal system that claims you need to serve and pray to it for some form of salvation?

Secondlt religion use the world eternal for heaven and hell therefore bipolar reality of good and bad is eternal then. God and the devil can't neutralise eachother..it's that confirmation of bipolar reality too..therefore both ways confirm that all energy, matter and life (i.e. the evolving expressions of these positive and negative forces) are infinite bipolar and get re-used and recycle..but I think without any purpose or meaning or agenda..as I said before these are all human rationales and contructs..Not universal constructs.

Anyway it really doen't matter friend and I think you have right to believe and delude yourself to whatever makes you happy..but truth that's another matter entirely, which humans are not geared to see or accept. This thread and my response only confirms this point
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In your humble opinion...
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