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Message Subject Golden Dawn in Greece?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
National Socialists are not fascist they are anti-fascist.

National Socialists are not right wing or left wing they are Z-plane or 3rd way.

Hopelessly media massaged minds cannot fathom anything but a simplistic bifurcated oppositional paradigm.

They are trapped by their uncreative minds.


For the glory of the Nation and the death of the State!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15213209

Ok whatever.
But everything that is extremistic and uses force even if it is left right or 3rd way it is against my believes.
And by the way "AIMA KAI TIMH!" means Blood and Honor for whoever cares and it is used by Golden Dawn
 Quoting: Foveras

"extremistic" ?

"force...is against my believes (sic)"

Your moral outrage is feeble camouflage for your self-doubt and cowardice.

Want to be successful? Emulate success.

Your way has never worked in any manner except to further sink your brothers into the Talmudic tarpit.

Every people and country it's own Reich and the world will be ours!
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