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Real Alien Under Human Shape Exposed: Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney (UNIQUE DOCUMENT)

User ID: 10058120
05/07/2012 06:31 AM
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Real Alien Under Human Shape Exposed: Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney (UNIQUE DOCUMENT)

This video exposes that the aliens are already here walking among us under their fake human shapes. They are present at all the levels of our society: they occupy the forefront positions but also all the social es and positions in order to spread the most efficiently their perdition.

These aliens are here in order to serve as vectors, catalysts of perdition, they have to condition and program us to think like they want, to believe in their fake forged "truth" and to be prepared for possession, illusion...what they call the 5th dimension.

These demons/aliens/jinns/devils have a common description: they have an abnormal blink rate, either they blink too much or they almost do not blink (like Maitreya Raj Patel), their skin looks plastic, they are reptilian shaped, they have an alluring appearence, their voice is hypnotic, they are deprived of emotions, they may shapeshift (when they lose control) and their speech is full of deception.

There are a lot of movies about aliens which have been produced by... THE ALIENS/DEVILS/JINNS themselves, they have to prepare us and to use us to their existence before to ultimately establish the first public contact. The devils know that the humans are afraid of the unknown by design (a protection of God on us, as a mercy for us), so they have to make a lot of movies about aliens, books, advertisement, TV shows, and even to spread the word about them through small groups of lost people composed of channelers, abductees, contactees... people who are actually possessed by these jinns and are already under their illusion and control, these people are mere vessels to widespread their perdition....All of this in order to make us welcome them as if we always knew them.

In this video, I'll show you a true alien under human shape, a so called former Martial Art champion, also expert in magick, Out Of Body experiences, Astral Projection...surprising isn't it!!!??? His name is the Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney, he operates in public, he does not even deny being a devil under human shape (he knows that most of the people won't believe this, so he let people like me reveal the truth about him, he knows that the fact that I say he is a devil will discredit my words in the eyes of the lost masses, those who are already under their illusion). He fits the description I've given above: NO BLINKING!!!!! Plastic skin, alluring shape, hypnotic voice and extremely deceiving speech...He recommands the people to experience Out of Bodies Experiences (which are in reality possession by jinns, there is no out of body experiences, it's just the jinn who draw an illusion in your mind and make you think that you are out of your body, you're a mere spectator of their illusions), he even teaches Out of Body Combat Simulation (OBCS), which consists in performing martial arts in a limitless dream world just like the training programs in Matrix (Matrix is well known satanic movie, so that's not a suyrprise to see the techings of the devils Mac Sweeney being illustrated in the major movies, the devils control all the levels of our society), and he also teaches dream sharing, which condition you to accept possession as a gift as a new positive exprience when it's actually a fully induced illusion.

The Aliens are already here, they have prepared the masses to their coming ultimate illusion: the Alien Mass Landing, the people will be collectively possessed and will become like zombies, a majority of people are already possessed permanently or temporarly without being aware of it (other are aware of it but do not know the nature of their possession), so most of the people are already ready for the shifting, they will embrace the possession and illusion of the devils/aliens/jinn with a great joy because all they want is to satisfy their own vain desires and to run after their own emotions and passions, the jinns will provide them all what they dream about IN ILLUSION and will induce in them a kind of collective bliss...then the punishement of God will fall on them and will open eternal hell on them, what a harsh awakening!!!!

The devils know that those who follow them are doomed to hell, their terrestrial mission is precisely to decieve us, but they can only deceive those who disobey God or unbelieve in him or those who follow creatures (jinns, ascended masters, priests, imams, ulemas, cheikhs, ....) of God instead of God thinking they will get them closer to God.

For those who can still see and hear and who fear the judgement Day, I recommand you to improve your obdience to God, to repent from your sins, to invoke God in exlcusivity and to obey God's last and undistorted book, the Quran, and you'll be fully forgiven and safe, do not accept anything from the devils/aliens/jinns, do not fear them, do not attack them (they cannot harm the true believers, they are sent for the evil people), just ignore them and ignore their perdition and obey Allah by obeying directly the Quran.