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The Garden of Eden

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15613265
United States
05/12/2012 08:11 AM
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The Garden of Eden
Today you must come to understand the meaning and importance of the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden is a perfect example of how you should live.

The earth has an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and every human on the earth should strive to collect these different species of edible plants, and group them to yourself all in one garden.

If you do this and create your own Garden of Eden, you accomplish self sufficiency, you reestablish your proper purpose on earth, as you will only eat from that which was grown by your own hands, or that which the earth has directly given to you.

In this you will find that your body was designed to operate off of the harvest of the earth. Not of the harvest of men.

Most people today work so that they can get money, take that money and use it for gas to drive to the grocery store to get food , but what of that food would you find in the Garden of Eden?


If you design your garden of Eden and eat solely from its harvest , you will see the benefits that God himself intended.

The fresh food from earth will provide the life nutrients to slow or stop aging.
The foods in the grocery store do not provide this life force.

Mankind was cast out of the garden because of his ignorance and unwillingness to listen to God. Since then we have lost connection with the earth. We have forgot the importance of the Garden of Eden.

We no longer remember what the Garden of Eden shows us.
It shows us the importance of living from the bounty of mother earth.

Please, find your way back to God before 3 days of darkness comes.

Listen to me for I speak the truth.

God gave everything that Mankind needed, and showed him the perfect example. The example was the Garden of Eden.

In our greed we asked for more than God gave us, which has been our downfall ever since the Garden of Eden.

We had everything we needed in the Garden of Eden. Everything we needed to live

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Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 15613265
United States
05/12/2012 08:54 AM
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