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Subject The 380 Hi-Point
Poster Handle JV520
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Well i bought a 380 Hi-point a month ago and had a few miss feeds but i did something that really helped out. Now before anyone jumps on that they are junk guns Ect.....I paid 109.67 and yes i have a 700 dollar gun at home a Sig Sauer P239 but anyways if you do buy this thing there's one thing you must do. Break it down and take some fine grit sanding paper and polish the feed port and any parts that have that black gunk paint from the factory. Polish the dolls head and oil it and run your finger to feel any bumps it should just be a light sanding and feel smooth. It ran cheap blazer brass and steel case tula ammo without a problem. I have it as a knock around gun don't mind if it breaks and its nice to keep just in case i go shooting and someone want to play with it it was only 100 bucks and works. Want to know if anyone else had had any issues with it and what they did to resolve them.
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