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Message Subject Breaking: Steve Quayle starts red page to buy emergency packages of Beer before WWIII!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
but the question is, why does he not cover the real specifics, not generalize like his buddies in austin, like what this thread talks about
Thread: THIRD victim of flesh-eating bacteria in Georgia (Now found in Nebraska, links in OP)

he says that his radio shows caused halliberton and feds and illuminati to back off the gulf project. WTF?? people buy this shit.

listen to vid on this thread and decide about these clowns.
Thread: LOL! Coast to Coast AM - no name busted on live radio

remember, real whistleblowers, even big govt ones, like the ex bush oil guy dead in tub due to gulf -- are put down, not selling books and tapes and on fox and RT news with bullhorns, and hollywood movies.
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