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Animal Health Virus's Around The World

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6933310
United Kingdom
05/24/2012 12:49 PM
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Animal Health Virus's Around The World
Seem to have stumbled on a site which has all the info on animal health ref virus's around the world.

Not sure that I should be there but didn't hack it, just fell on it?

To change pages you need to change the reportid=11586 id, in the address line, so from 11586 to 11587 etc
Also some pages are blank, dont know why, you just have to keep on going page by page!

Few items:
UK has had Schmallenberg virus confirmed since 23.01.2012 [link to web.oie.int]
Australia had its first case of avian H5 [link to web.oie.int]
Israel has a MAJOR problem with Newcaslte virus millions of birds culled, no cure, [link to web.oie.int]
Russia, India, China the list goes on and on... many many problems, millions destroyed.
Just take the 9 million oysters destroyed, [link to web.oie.int] or the fact of salmon found to have virus's but were sold and I quote:
"This population had been slaughtered for human consumption by the time definitive laboratory results for ISA virus were available"
this is 175000 fish! [link to web.oie.int]

So what do you think?
This is YOUR FOOD!
Fucked up world?