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Beautiful Portrait of Ron Paul

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05/25/2012 11:54 PM
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Beautiful Portrait of Ron Paul
Bumped into this while loitering around DeviantArt.com
Posting it for the quality of art, not the political part.

Anybody interested in having a higher resolution can contact the artist.
[link to warrenlouw.deviantart.com]

Ron Paul For President
by ~WarrenLouwDigital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / People / Portraits ©2012 ~WarrenLouw

If I lived in America, I'd vote for Ron Paul. I don't usually get involved with American politics since it seems that no matter who comes in, its only more of the same advancing agenda. Then since 2008 after hearing more of what Ron Paul is trying to do, I just had to show my support in 2012. He's a totally different breed to other politicians, and is honestly the only true hope for America and beyond.

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(I'm male, mid-40's, and live and work in India as a designer. Writing is a passion of mine, as is painting. My avatar represents my protagonist against the Illuminati -a female warrior.)