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Message Subject «»»»»»» seeking a friend for the end of the world ««««««»
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content

why do i get the feeling that the special illuminated people who
possess the golden tickets to the DUMBs are quietly
making fun of the rest of us schlubs who will have to
make do on the surface after the mass driver impacts
the pacific in early 2013?:


 Quoting: grimmlord

The reality is no-one is actually safe friend...no matter what we believe or delude ourselves with...we live in a completely unstable bipolar universe..so even thouht we invent and create a myriad of different polarised hierarchies and doctrines to try and avoid or control this chaotic reality...the truth is nothing can ever truely escapes or outlast the fundemental conditions...which is life, death and recycling. therefore everything is infinite but not for any real purpose or meaning..as bipolar infinity doesn't need an plan, agenda or final objective... because to put it bluntly there is no ending.
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