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Message Subject The Developing Archetype - No Music Vids
Poster Handle Æ
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Hello B.S. good to see your godlikekittehpresense!

Please share with us SoS your conceptualization so far of this unknown archetype.
I am quit bored shitless with the idiotic drival about how star charts, dna, blue blood, body moles forming constellation, or whatever other bullshit proof of ones "nobodyness". This archetype doesn't have to prove shit to no one! It is what it is
This archetype finds it's roots in a being of immense power and prominence much like the Christ we all think we know taking up a point/position at the bottom of the pyramid of life instead of the capstone. This individual unlike Jesus has not performed any miracles to seduce others into believing he is divine nor has he need of apostles or any other type of followers to Affect humanity and as I have shared before all of creation simply by being in the position.
He is unknown in 3d but in omni-d he is the greatest show in the cosmos.
 Quoting: Æ 13544414

This archetype is another expression of the Christ, the warrior aspect of Christ consciousness in fact, and the avatar of the Aquarian age. Christ returning again as the avatar of the Piscean age (suffering servant) would be unsuitable for civilization at this level of development. The next expression will not be a suffering servant, but a conquering king.
 Quoting: Mr Poopra

No I disagree. You don't get it but that's ok at least you are trying.
This individual is beyond supreme. He has no need to prove anything nor conquer what has always been his to rule nor does he need to even rule. The is not terrestrial christ this is cosmic christ consciousness.

Think bigger O "conflicted" one

This archetype is about getting down in the shit so deep that one can see all the problems from the bottom up.
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