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Message Subject The Developing Archetype - No Music Vids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

How are you so foolish to not understand it is possible to make that as a plain statement of obvious fact and truth without it becoming an ego deal? *blink blink* seriously, I did think you were at least smart/wise enough to realize THAT... but hey, I've been off the mark before!

What, that you are intentionally trying to get me to berate you? Yeah, I had that thought in the back of my head as you continued to reply with inane and easily mockable responses.


A bit weird...You're a Hollywood weirdo correct?

 Quoting: Rayrayz

NOPE! A nobody alongside a nobody ;) I did not say I was intentionally trying to get you to berate me, I am HONESTLY, SERIOUSLY, DULY, TRULY trying to get you to LEARN something of wisdom and intellect and what is going on, and at every instance you refuse it, so you are trashed. Simple is as simple does. You refused the Truth, so the Truth trashed you. Remember, bring a sword, a sword shall be brought. Live by the sword, die by the sword... Live by these words, die by these words... time to say goodbye, tried to help.

Unworthy sacks of Baal-own-ya.

Piece'o'Ya Not found in ya, so Peace'o'Ya Not found in ya, yano...nano...nonanoya. YEHEWAHE, SYOWHA? YENOIMNO, SYOIMNOYENO.

GODBYAnAYBDOG GMAN,NAMG <-- You would have to be a machine to not understand these words I speak and their varied meanings. And don't miss the aRho hinting.

I am this nobody............and I command you in the name of Jesus...........to stop fighting, hateing, and ridiculing each other.

None of you are any wiser and smarter or more powerful enough to boast of anything about anything......ever.

Stop arguing about somebody.......stop reading too much into it......give yourself the holy sacrements....while living in nature for long periods of time......and then........put down all your books......and be still.

And.........do not come to this online madhouse ever again.

I ban you from further hostility........NO SOUP FOR YOU.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31499693


You are violating free will, btw.

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