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Message Subject No Diamond Drill Bits No Aliens Cut The Holes In Ancient Hard Stone
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
might as well post another thread instead of the mysteries going in to the nobody threads,lol...we have already discussed on GLP how stones were ground and recast into solid form again as statues,temples,and blocks that supposedly couldn't be moved...its because they were cast on site and the ones in the quarries and the paintings of hauling them were left to mislead from the ancient casting concrete process(wonder who done that,keep reading)...anyhoo,you cast stone rods,pour the liquid stone around them in the rubber tree rubber molds and before the stone re-hardens, you bow-saw the rods back out giving the illusion the holes were drilled from the outside in...no diamond drill bits and no ancient aliens,just chemistry from the plants that soften stone and crushed material reformed by those who pretend there are aliens and say humans dont have critical thinking skills...P.S. do you really think rubber balls were the only thing south american elders used rubber for before their science and navigational records were snatched by the Vatican's armored snake "gods"...PSS .the snake gods made it a habit of snatching any science/navigational records all over the globe...causing the civilizations to fall into ruins...and you wonder why pope caesar thinks he's representation of a messiah...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg


Before you just chalk it up to "chemistry" you should probably be able to pass a 3rd grade science and geology class.

No "chemistry" known to mankind is cable of liquefying igneous stone and then re-solidifying them back into their natural state is if by magic. Granite and sedimentary limestone cannot simply be "made"...it's the product of complex geologic processes which take millions of years and/or can only occur under enormous heat and pressure.

"Stone" /= "concrete" ya' goof.
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