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Julian Assange loses appeal, faces extradition to Sweden

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United States
05/30/2012 05:07 AM
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Julian Assange loses appeal, faces extradition to Sweden
Today, Britain’s supreme court made a decision concerning the extradition of Julian Assange the founder of Wikileaks. The verdict, which Lord Phillips the president of the supreme court handed down just moments ago is not a good one for the world renowned hacker. The court ruled against the internet guru In a majority decision of five to two and now Assange is expected to be extradited to Sweden. On the brighter side, the judge did grant Assange a two week stay so his legal team can make an application to reopen the case. Assange himself was not in court.

Since Assanges detention, the popular hacktivist has been living at a country mansion in eastern England under strict guidelines very similar to house arrest. He has been fighting nasty sexual assault allegations since 2010. Aside from his legal troubles of late, Assange is best known for leaking thousands of military documents and videos to the public.

update: Just moments ago the supreme court released a statement to the press concerning the decision of the Julian Assange case, it reads “The issue is whether a European arrest warrant (“EAW”) issued by a public prosecutor is a valid Part 1 EAW issued by a “judicial authority” for the purpose and within the meaning of sections 2 and 66 of the Extradition Act 2003. By a majority the court has concluded that the Swedish public prosecutor was a “judicial authority” within the meaning of both the framework decision and the Extradition Act. It follows that the request for Mr Assange’s extradition has been lawfully made and his appeal against extradition is accordingly dismissed.”

Full Story:
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