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"Pressing On Towards The Golden Dawn, Her Hand In Mine."

Abraxas IAO
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05/31/2012 10:16 PM
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"Pressing On Towards The Golden Dawn, Her Hand In Mine."
Sometimes I wonder if there is a connection
Between the weather and my heart,
These restless nights apart from her –
The lightning rages, the wind howls, the rain falls hard.
The rolling thunder echoes throughout the blackened sky,
Penetrating the silence with its mighty roar,
The pressure shifts, the barometer drops,
The air grows bitterly cold.
The faint glow of the moon presses on through the dark clouds,
The stars now obscured from view,
I find my soul aching for those who do not have this wondrous love,
The lost and dejected, the lonely and downtrodden,
Those who, in this very hour, are suffering –
Ye, even breathing out their last, dying breath.
This love that she fills my heart with is not a selfish love,
It is not self-seeking, nor possessive, but overabundant,
My cup, full to the brim, now spills and runneth over; my joy overflows.
Having found her, a certain scripture comes to mind;
“Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life”
And I will dwell in the heart of my beloved forever – my own revision.
She has birthed in me an Artist,
And placed before me a vast, empty canvas,
So I will paint the most brilliant masterpiece,
A future in which I will be all that she deserves –
All that she longs for, all that she needs me to be,
Though it may not be much, I will give her all that I have, all that I am;
I will love her without cease, fiercely and furiously,
As the fire of passion rages within my soul,
All consuming, ever-burning,
Nothing will stand in the way of this union,
Not distance, nor time, nor circumstance,
Every step taken, every road traveled, every direction I face,
It all leads towards her arms,
Once I was defeated and cast down to the abyss,
It was then in my darkest hour that her voice rang out through the night,
Calling me up, drawing me out,
Breathing new life into my bones,
Now here I rise – gloriously, like the mighty Phoenix,
Up out of the ashes,
Shining boldly and brilliantly,
Nestling my Beloved in the shelter of my wings –
And together we will brave whatever may come,
Walking fearlessly and courageously,
As we embrace this Golden Dawn.