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Sheehan Takes a Dump on Pro War Democrats

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United States
12/06/2005 06:06 PM
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Sheehan Takes a Dump on Pro War Democrats
Here´s a question for the usual suspects:
If Cindy Sheehan is such a tool of the "liberal establishment", then how do you reconcile the following?

Seems that RBH, Shinaju and the other Keyboard Warriors HAVE MORE IN COMMON WITH HILLARY CLINTON than THEY ADMIT!



Cindy Sheehan On Jonathan

I am so pleased that Jonathan Tasini has stepped forward to challenge Senator Clinton and to take her on as an anti-war candidate.

I encourage the people of New York to take a hard look at Mrs. Clinton´s dismal record on the illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Then take a hard look at what Jonathan is saying.

We as people who strive for peace and justice should not support a candidate who advocates for continued killing on the basis of flimsy reasoning. It is time to hold the pro-war Democrats responsible for what they are saying and doing also.

I fully endorse the idea of peace with justice and support the message that Jonathan is espousing, but I cannot endorse candidates because of my organizationís tax-exempt status.

I thank Jonathan for his leadership, for his support and I look forward to our continuing efforts to end the war.

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United States
12/06/2005 06:10 PM
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Re: Sheehan Takes a Dump on Pro War Democrats
cheer for Cindy!