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They Just Tried to Kill Stew Webb For Exposing Kimball Castle!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17152789
United States
06/02/2012 02:49 PM
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They Just Tried to Kill Stew Webb For Exposing Kimball Castle!
Stew Webb just called me late last night and told me they tired to kill him yesterday most likely over his coverage of the upcoming satanists meeting in the Castle Rock Colorado area on June 21st!

Here's the story

[link to www.project.nsearch.com]

Stew told me they tried to box him in with two cars and he looked over and a man was sticking a gun out the window pointing at his head. Stew popped the car into reverse and floored it. He didn't care if anybody was behind him but luckily there wasn't. The man kept trying to aim as Stew was moving backwards but couldn't get a shot off. He sped off and Stew filed a police report about it.

Stew said he is coming on GLP radio I believe on Monday to discuss everything that is going on including this latest murder attempt.

Please get the word out about Stew Webb and what the satanists are planning on June 21st in Colorado.

This is not a joke! This people are very upset at Stew for getting the word out about this event.

PLEASE do what you can to tell as many others as you can about these new world order satanist scum that are destroying our planet!

God bless