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A new world order is coming

Lucian Apollo
User ID: 17280537
06/03/2012 06:39 AM
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A new world order is coming
Across the gobe,medieval nations are crumbling and planetary unions are forming

1992-treaty of maasticht-the european union is formed

add 22 years->2014-the date of the new ending of the mayan calendar

some signs are ubiquitos:

[link to www.naturalnews.com]

let us recap the mayan signs of the consciousness cycle:

1.if you dont know how to speak,you live in the jungle and your cycle is 3.2 million eyars long after which you can have a crysis and jump to the next level

2.if you know how to speak but dont know how to read and write you are in the primitive society-160000 years

3.if you know how to read and write ,but you dont know how to build industrial products(buy computer components,assemble it,install windows and apps) you are a slave in the ancient age-8000 years

4.if you know how to make industrial products in series production(I write mail in serial production :))) but you dont know how to make information products(like this one) you are in the medieval age-400 years

5.if you know how to inform others but you are not conscious,you are in the galactic ethical cycle-22 years

6.if you are conscious but you are not spiritual you are in the universal cycle-2 years

2010-2012 here is the universal cycle

1 decembrie 2012-sfarsitul timpului dupa timewave.jnlp si Terrence McKenna

ciclul universal in 5+2 D
sf constiintei adica a perceptiei in 21 decembrie 2012 adica trecere in Spirit

----------------------------------------------------------ene​rgie universala 64/64-100%-completudinea creatiei divine si nondivine

ziua a saptea - 1 dec-21 dec 2012 - completudinea si unirea universului si a constiintei

infinit - 21/12/2012:

ciclul multiversal - unirea spiritului

ciclul psycheversal - unirea dumnezeirii

----------------------------------------------------------ene​rgie universala 32/64

noaptea a sasea - 11 nov-1 dec 2012
ziua a sasea - 22 oct-11 nov 2012

---------------------------------------------------------ener​gie universala 16/64

noaptea a cincea - 2-22 oct 2012
ziua a cincea - 12 sept-2 oct 2012

----------------------------------------------------------ene​rgie universala 8/64

noaptea a patra - 23 aug-12 sept 2012
ziua a patra - 3-23 aug 2012

noaptea a treia - 14 iul-3 aug 2012
ziua a treia - 24 iun-14 iul 2012

----------------------------------------------------------ene​rgie universala 4/64

noaptea a doua - 4-24 iun 2012
ziua a doua - 15 mai-4 iun 2012 - uinalul de acuma

prima noapte - 25 apr-15 mai 2012
prima zi - 5-25 apr 2012

----------------------------------------------------------ene​rgie universala 2/64

a saptea - 16 mar-5 apr 2012
a sasea - 25 feb-16 mar 2012
a cincea - 5-25 feb 2012 ~~~~ 10 zile acasa ca imparatul japoniei pe a ma curata
a patra - 16 ian-5 feb 2012-ziua mea cand implinesc 33 de ani pe 16 ianuarie 2012
a treia - 27 dec 2011-16 ian 2012-schimbari importante
a doua - 7-27 dec 2011-retrairea revolutiei din 89 pe 21 dec 2011
prima perioada de trecere - 17 nov-7 dec 2011-schimbarea energiilor pe 17 noiembrie 2011-fericire maxima