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The Transit of Venus....A Picture of a ‘Rapture’ –a Snatching Away.Cosmic Symbolism & Biblical Parallels in 2012

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06/04/2012 04:31 PM

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The Transit of Venus....A Picture of a ‘Rapture’ –a Snatching Away.Cosmic Symbolism & Biblical Parallels in 2012
'The Eternal God is they Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting Arms; and He shall thrust out the Enemy from before thee; and shall say Destroy them.' –Deut 33:27

The purpose of this timeline/chart (See link above) is to highlight several key & unique properties of the Transit of Venus.

The Transits of Venus will be examined in a Judeo-Christian context associated with Biblical symbolism & parallels of the Rapture. The 8th Transit of Venus to occur with the Sun, since recordings have been taken, is scheduled to take place on June 5-6th, 2012.

To some Christian communities, this rare occurrence can be attributed to a ‘Picture of a Rapture’ or a snatching-away. If there was ever a ‘Picture of the Rapture of Church’ in the ‘Heavenlies’ or cosmos, the Transit of Venus phenomena would be it. The imagery is startling.

This study is no way insinuating that this June 5-6, 2012 Transit of Venus will be coinciding with the actual anticipated Rapture as defined in 1 Thess 4:17, but perhaps. There have been others Venus Transits before.

In the past 380 years plus, since recorded astronomical dates has been taken down, there have been 7 prior Transits of Venus but only 1 has occurred within the Taurus Constellation as it will occur also in 2012.

This 8th Transit of Venus may yet be just another insignificant phenomena & peculiarity but have all these Transits been a sort of countdown to the 8th? Is the 8th anymore significant because it is occurring in 2012? The number ‘8’ has resurrection meaning to it in a Biblical sense. Have these specific Transits of Venus indeed been a kind of dress rehearsal or a foreshadowing of the ‘Real Rapture’ event to come? FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. NO PREDICTIONS ARE MADE.

The first Venus Transit in our new millennium already happened in Jun 8, 2004, its ‘pair’ is thus to happen on June 5-6, 2012. Because the Venus Transit does happen in 2012, the year 2012 is considered to be a ‘Passage Year’ in many religious & non-religious circles.

What better imagery for that of the Body of Christian Believers to ‘Passage Out’ of this present evil age; caught up & out –to be removed from the Wrath of the Lamb to come upon an unrepentant & rebellious world.

This Rapture imagery, as insinuated by both the Old & New Testaments, speaks of a course of events to take place, primarily Sudden Destruction & an Escape. As Venus makes its "planetary retrograde loop" spanning the constellations of Taurus-Auriga-Orion, there are several unique celestial attributes that will be highlighted during this time period.

In part, some prominent celestial occurrences will be the:

1) Conjunction of Venus with the Pleiades on Apr 2, 2012

2) Alignment with Earth-Venus-Pleiades on Apr 2, 2012

3) Retrograde ‘Loop’ from Pleiades to ORI64 spanning Taurus-Auriga-Orion

4) Partial Blood Moon of Jun 3 immediately preceding the Transit

5) Transit of Venus with the Sun on Jun 5-6th
6) Conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Sun-Jupiter on Jul 1, 2012

These illustrations & chart attempt to explain the general principles, theories, & objects constituting the events pre & post Transit of Venus. The constellation interpretations are primarily based on the Astronomical work done by E.W. Bullinger. This is not astrology. As some have well put it, ‘Astrology is the "interpretation" of assumed influence the stars and planets exert on human destiny. This is a false belief. The stars should awaken wonder at Gods power, wisdom, and infinitude. We should use stars to keep track of time and place and to remind us of God’s faithful covenant-keeping nature. All the while we acknowledge the Creator of the Heavens. Our wisdom comes from God not the stars. James1:5. The Word of God, the Bible is our guide through life. Psalm119.’

The Retrograde
From Apr 2 to Aug 8 2012, Venus begins its retrograde or ‘Loop’ pattern through the constellation Taurus. Retrograde means ‘going back’. In this retrograde effect, from Earth’s perspective, Venus appears to travel backwards to a degree before moving forward again. This ‘Loop’ has some peculiar junctions to note. On Apr 2, 2012 Venus conjuncts with the Pleiades. Venus then traverses onward & on Apr 16-17, 2012 Venus will be mid-way between the Pleiades & the star El Nath–the pierced Foot of Auriga the Shepherd. On May 7, 2012 Venus conjoined at the Star, El Nath, the Wounded Shepherd & Al Hecka (the horn of the Bull). Venus then ‘loops’ backwards down the Horns of Taurus for the ‘Transit’ on the 5-6th of Jun, 2012 with our Sun. Venus then conjoined Kursa of Eridanus when Venus crosses the Ecliptic. The Retrograde Loop is completed around the 4th of Jul in the Hyades region of Taurus, which is a stellar asterism that lies just before Aldebaran -the Eye of the Bull. On Jul 17 2012, Venus leaves Taurus & heads for the Star, ORI64 -the Right Arm of Orion by Aug 8, 2012.

The Mechanics of A Transit
A ‘Transit’ is another descriptive word for an ‘occultation’. Because of Earth’s ‘order’ or distance from our Sun, only Mercury & Venus can have ‘transit’s with the Sun as it would occur between the Earth & the Sun. These Transits are not ‘Eclipses’ as some would think they would be. Planet Venus & the Sun interact or conjunct all the time in a somewhat regular basis. Most often the case, they pass each other on above or below our Sun’s meridian. What is extraordinary about the Jun 5-6, 2012 Transit is that Venus will cross the Sun’s ‘face’ in reference to our Earth. The Transit will last close to 6 hours. The actual ‘Transit’ occurs about 3 hours before & after it clears the Sun. According to research, the only recorded times that the Transit of Venus has occurred has been the following years: (1631 & 1639), (1761 & 1769), (1874 & 1882), & 2004. It is not to say that others could have happened but they can’t be scientifically verified.

Given the phenomena that planetary and/or cosmic body alignments do affect the forces between celestial bodies, one can possibly anticipate a ‘force’ of some kind to occur during this coming Transit. As Venus will be between Earth & the Sun, it will produce an electromagnetic or gravitational force upon the Earth -as it did in 2004. As the Sun was in particular alignment with Venus & the Earth-Moon then, the Sun’s rays of energy emanated produced a sort of ‘tug’ on the Earth. This fact has been substantiated by new discoveries of ‘corridor lines’ that do make up a sort of ‘grid’ in the cosmos. This grid is where the planets are ‘resting’ upon & thus can be distorted by light, time & celestial alignments. Einstein spoke of this in his Theory of Relativity.

To the esoteric, Venus has both male & female principles. Venus is the Morning Star or the Evening Star - The Phoenix depending on its position in the Heavens. Venus is also the nocturnal representation of the hidden Sun-god Osiris (Orion). Other like the Masons use the name Blazing Star to symbolize Venus as lucifer himself the Illuminated One. Thus lucifer is Venus the ‘goddess’ and thus makes lucifer the first transvestite ever. The occult has usurped the real meaning attributed to the True Morning Star, Jesus Christ. Some well known names since ancient times have been Ishtar, Isis, Inanna, Diana etc. To the occult, Venus is lucifer & an evil sign of Witchcraft with the inverted Pentagram symbol. The star’s depicting of its 2 horns pointing up like a Bull (Taurus) is an affront to Heaven & God Himself.

According the very words of a post, risen & glorified Jesus Christ from the Book of Revelation 22, Jesus Christ Himself said He IS, the Bright & Morning Star –Venus not lucifer. Behind this façade is the usurper ‘light bearer’ fallen angel lucifer. Lucifer according to Scripture seeks to deface God’s true creation & cosmic association, as reflected in the heavens/cosmos. This fallen angel with alliance from humanity attempts to reverse the order & meaning of God’s creation & its symbols. This has been the theme as displayed in the Starts and ‘acted out’ in Scripture. For example in the Book of Esther, Queen Esther represents Venus, Haman represents Mercury.

The Venus Geometric Patterns
Venus makes unique geometric configurations as it orbits the Sun. All the Planets for that matter have orbital patterns & have accompanied frequencies based on its mass & size also. For Venus, 1 unique & recognizable pattern that occurs at the end of its 8 year cycle is a ‘rose’ geometric pattern. Another pattern that is also produced at the end of the 4 year cycle is a 5-pointed pentagram or ‘Star’ geometric pattern. The entire obit of Venus around the Sun is referred to as an 8-year ‘pentagonal cycle’. This cycle makes exactly 13 revolutions during this 8-years pentagram cycle. To the occult, 13 is significant & these have become perverted symbols for the Rosicrucian Cross & the satanic pentagram talisman utilized by witches. Sorcerers use these symbols of lucifer extensively in ceremonial magic to evoke the help of demons.

The 8-year cycle produces what many have named a ‘Bellerose’ Flower pattern. How it is associated with a ‘cross’ is that when Venus lies directly in front of the Sun and in line with Earth, it coincides with the Solstice & Eclipse intersections or ‘Celestial Cross’. This is where you have the Rosicrucian connection of the ‘Rose within a Cross’. It is a reverse of the Lutheran ‘Cross in the Rose’. This is basically alluding to the worship & adoration of Venus or its implied representation of lucifer again, not the cross of Christ nor the ‘Rose of Sharon’ as the Jewish Messiah is often referred to as.

The 4-year trajectory produces the ancient symbol of Venus which is the 5-poinoted Pentagram Star. A pentagon is a regular, five-sided polygon, the pentacle is the five-pointed star & the pentagram is the five-pointed star inscribed in a circle. There are 5 synodic cycles between the 2 transits to be completed in 2012. In addition, the star incorporates the Golden Ratio of Φ. Thus the ‘star’ pattern can be associated with a symbol of the infinite or a 9 backwards. In ancient pagan numerology, the number 9 is the number of the circle, which was a symbol of infinity or immortality. This is because the number 5 & its geometric configuration repeats & reproduces its exact image endlessly by way of the Golden Ratio & looks like a ‘9’ when constructed.

There is a 3rd association with a pentagram 5-pointed star. This pattern deals with the human form. The five points of the star represent the head, arms, and legs of the human body. This configuration is called ‘Microcosmic Man’. Some believe that the Cosmos is actually formed like a body. Venus thus depicts a microcosm of the universe by the human outstretched arms and legs fits perfectly in a circle and is proportionately outlined by the pentagram. The true form is in Christ Jesus & his hypostatic nature. It is in Jesus Christ’s human body prepared -that in Him, dwells the fullness of the Godhead, that which even Heaven cannot contain Him. In reality, Jesus Christ’s body can be attributed to be a microcosm of the whole creation in bodily form.

Biblical Symbology
The Transit of Venus is exactly what has been foretold will happen to the Body of the Redeemed all throughout Judeo-Christian Scripture. It is a pattern of impending wrath & judgment but not before the LORD removes His remnant in a variety of means. We see this in Noah, Rehab in Jericho, Sodom, & just before the End of Days & Christ’s 2nd Coming. Thus if Venus is to traverse through a specific course of constellations –beginning at the Pleiades then to the Shepherd, then to the Sun conjunction in the horns of Taurus -to the Hand of Orion, then these constellations are highly significant. This ‘picture’ can possibly bring out some clues as to the nature of the True anticipated Rapture of the Body of Christ. Is it a coincidence that this 8th Transit happens to be on 2012 will all the other accompanying major celestial signs? Is it a coincidence that the number 8 signifies a renewal & resurrection? Perhaps of the Saints?

The Biblical depictions of the Rapture sequence scenario is understood & is very simple; as to the timing, that is for another study. It is of Christ’s promise in John 14 to return for His own before the Wrath as foretold in Rev 4. So what do we have in the stars during this Transit of Venus? We see Christ as Venus, the Groom coming for His 7 Churches as Venus conjuncts with the Pleiades. We see Venus in Auriga, the Wounded Shepherd. Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the Flock is taking His 2 sheep fold & protecting them from the fierce judgment of God or Taurus to come. We see Venus then magically conjoins with the Sun in the midst of the Horns of Taurus. We see Venus then safely end up in the strong Right Hand as the ‘Redeemer’ (Orion).

In Revelation 1, Christ, the True Orion holds the 7 stars in His hand representing the 7 Churches. You have the Pleiades in His hand with a Sword proceeding from His mouth as will Orion with Venus on Aug 8, 2012.

[link to www.bad] goose/letters/march2012/luisv31.htm

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.....Matthew 6:21
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3:1
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Suited up and Armored in Christ!

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06/04/2012 04:35 PM

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Re: The Transit of Venus....A Picture of a ‘Rapture’ –a Snatching Away.Cosmic Symbolism & Biblical Parallels in 2012
[link to www.sonoma.edu]

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.....Matthew 6:21
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: Ecclesiastes 3:1