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SCIENCE DOOM: Supermassive black holes growing faster than their galaxies!

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United Kingdom
06/12/2012 04:57 PM
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SCIENCE DOOM: Supermassive black holes growing faster than their galaxies!
"New evidence from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory challenges prevailing ideas about how supermassive black holes grow in the centers of galaxies. Astronomers long have thought that a supermassive black hole and the bulge of stars at the center of its host galaxy grow at the same rate -- the bigger the bulge, the bigger the black hole.

A new study of Chandra data has revealed two nearby galaxies whose supermassive black holes are growing faster than the galaxies themselves. The mass of a giant black hole at the center of a galaxy typically is a tiny fraction (about 0.2 percent) of the mass contained in the bulge, or region of densely packed stars, surrounding it."

source: [link to www.dailygalaxy.com]

Now here's some DOOM you can believe in!
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