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Message Subject The frequency's of the BAR is in you=djed pillars light of god dendera,just as carved in stone.
Poster Handle light of god dendera
Post Content
In your dna is a magnetic count,as light and magnetics go hand in hand in your dna.

This is how the mountain of god works just as carved in stone,djed pillars light of god dendera.

the feelings you experience are very real,as all things of this globe tie into the pillars of god=dendera,

i have informed your great nation not to cross borders,it has no ear,

You must prepair for the consequence of global balance,

Your great nation's faiths are like birds in great nest,

You know you are in violation of global stability,

the schrol is the flag of all nations and there faiths.

its reads gather the 22 leaders of faith,for the cost be less than to train one soldier in these thousands of years of sinceless wars.
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