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Message Subject Are you suffering from DOOM fatigue?
Poster Handle Anne O'Mally
Post Content
It's just that the people who actually live and experience REAL doom either aren't GLP posters, or physically can't cause of said doom. There's doom happening every day on this planet. What we're all just waiting for is that ONE event so big that the world can't turn its cheek to it. We're all also hoping it will be big enough to go around telling all our skeptics "I told ya so!" but not big enough to hit home in any way.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12948908

i'm in the bay area right now, have travelled a lot but am a northern california native and we have ALWAYS been in a state of doom expectation. nothing since the '89 quake. honestly it seems like nothing really has happened here, doom-wise, which exacerbates the doom paranoia...plus, everyone elsewhere feeds into this whole, san francisco falling into the sea thing to such a huge extent.

another GLP effect is doom dreams...people get so caught up in the paranoia, too much time on glp, naturally those fears are going to present in dreamtime but instead of understanding that dynamic, they think the dreams mean doom for sure...cycling the fear.
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