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Message Subject Are you suffering from DOOM fatigue?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Are you tired of DOOM after DOOM coming to nothing?

Are you tired of the emotional roller-coaster ride that just leaves you exhausted and disappointed when the DOOM just doesn't materialize?

Are you sick and tired of the state of the world and need a good DOOM to set it back in order, but all the promised DOOM just leaves you flat in the dust?

Despair not, DOOM-lover...

The DOOM will hit when you least expect it!
 Quoting: Anonymous Hero 5300916

so you need to see a major catastrophe becuase your entertainment factor is letting you down?

why dont you get pro active, go kill millions yourself.wouldnt that be satisfying?

You have just proved what little choose to acknowledge, this web site is for people who cant sort their own little lives out, so they come here in the hope of hollywood style event that will change their lives for them.

this is meant to be a conspiracy web site, but that was lost ages ago on people whot think mean in boardrooms are plotting our deaths.

Ive seen a doom event with my own eyes.Be careful what you wish for.
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