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Subject Birthday of a crime
Poster Handle Dirt Diver
Post Content
Dear reader,
i want to inform you about the following;
a belgian tv presenter/ game show host has confessed to abusing children.
He confessed to abusing 2 sixteen year old boys when he was there leader with the scouting group. at least four other victims
His name is walter capieau
[link to nl.wikipedia.org (secure)]
He presented shows with children on tv.

He has now come forward and told about the abuse to the press, because the term for possible prosecution has ended.
So his victims stand no chance in court, no debate.
link in dutch
[link to www.demorgen.be]

How long is this term where you live?

When i translate the words they invented for aquitting pedophiles it becomes "birthday of a crime".
this shit is too sick and is going to stop
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