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Message Subject Duality Was Invented By Secert Societies To Keep Non Members Dumbed Down
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
by humanity as a whole was not made to exist forever =

what we understand human to be today will not exist another day


there are two conclusions to that

1) no memory of human will exist (erased)
2) memory will remember what it once was (human) when it is no longer human
 Quoting: aether

Probably more possibilities than just that...

There will be some with no memory (ability to carry the charge? forward into new location).

There will be some WITH memory but those will split into various categories as well...because even though they had the ability to carry forward memory...it doesn't guarantee it will be in a way that keeps it aligned to fact...or truth. Although... that can be a factor in ability to carry forward in the first place...hmm Haven't worked that part out yet.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna
no longer human when you remember you say...initiate the revised music khristof...i remember everything,cause i can stop the rain and feel no pain,i remember eve..ry...thing...or I'm a history RV of my previous incarnations or i got the vatican vaults on speed dial,all i know i was told,probably voice to skull tech,i get to ascend and cried like a baby...its a hell of a mindfuk,now if i can just accommodate the body,lol.
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