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Message Subject Duality Was Invented By Secert Societies To Keep Non Members Dumbed Down
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
How much potassium iodide do you take OP?
 Quoting: honcho 12297712
...i gradually increased from lugols iodine to pure potassium iodide KI...then on to the P.I.K.I.<AND THE BRAIN,LOL..really,i sh*t you not, that's the cartoon clue to take Potassium Iodide K.I. for your brain...i have all the codes,i am neo>naval electronic officer,but i dont exist on paper...well paperclip paper,good luck finding those records as alice bounces them around in the asleep sheeple's subconsciousness of the world...if the whole world doesn't wake up,they dont get the records...that hole in the pentagon was a wasted effort back on 9-11,botched robbery attempt of funny platoon files...silly AmerikAns,we always in the future cause we are in the past...time travel,naaaaaa,dont know nothing about it,lol...anyhoo...once i got to P.I.K.I. i started off with 1/32th level teaspoon for a month ,then next month went to 1/16th level teaspoon,month later at 1/8th and i have been there for 3 months now..i also take a "green" multivitamin/mineral capsule,"goutrin" to keep uric acid down,and tribulus terrestris as a natural male hormone...check out the thread >777 is the number of god and i am god...this site data mines the hell out of me but i dont mind,resistance is futile for the ones getting the intell...as operation highjump failure proved who the ww2 winners were and turned AmeriKa into paperclipville...or it can be CIA mindfuk,whatever,its fun playing along...oh yeah the cia is manipulated by paperclip,lol..go base 211,the real eagles nest...
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