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Subject Disclosure 2012
Poster Handle JV520
Post Content
The Nat Geo commercial about sending tweets in response to the "wow" signal dated for august 15 2012. If the United states did recover a disk in 1947 and has been lying to us then what better way to disclose. Go to You tube and type "Alien threat might help economy" and listen to the financial analyst on CNN talk about how a alien threat will get us out of a slump in 18 months. I don't know if it will be a real alien or a made up false flag but after Nat Geo sends the tweets you can be sure that we will have something going on for sure. Why would the PTB let people just fling random messages to a alien civilization? I noticed that the Illuminati card deck has a "Foreign Aid" picture with a grey alien holding a bag of money and hands reaching out. They are planning something big maybe project Blue beam or something to that nature but just connect the dots and it all comes into play.
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