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Subject Fellow GPL'ers, Gardeners, Farmers, Survivalists need your help please :o) for a good cause
Poster Handle AKObserver
Post Content
Hello Fellow GPL'er's. If it isn't too much trouble we could use your vote. We have a greenhouse/nursery in Alaska and we invented an organic foam insulation made from fruit oil we have a greenhouse design we want to test that will reduce the cost and fuel usage to operate a greenhouse by 75% this system will have a R-30+ insulation factor and can be used to heat or the system can be reversed to cool making it's own self contained Eco-system. People in areas too hot, too cold, too wet or off the grid can use this greenhouse to grow produce year round at a fraction of the cost! Think of the possibilities!
Anyway, I entered a grant contest and just need votes. Here is the link www.missionsmallbusiness.com
then you just log in and vote. We are Enchanted Forest Nursery in Alaska.
Thank You all so much for your support this grant would give us the money to get the first test greenhouse up and operational and help create jobs and fresh veggies for people in our neighborhood through the winter this year which would be wonderful as 80% of our produce comes from the Lower 48, it arrives 4-6 weeks old, void of most nutritional value. In the event of a man made or natural disaster our food chain would be non existing within a matter of hours not to mention we have a 3000+ mile contamination opportunity before it even gets here. Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated. The kids that help me in the summer said "We'll never get enough votes" I told them have faith I know a lot of GPL'ers lol.
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