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2012 Olympics False Flag NWO

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15925019
United States
06/30/2012 07:09 PM
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2012 Olympics False Flag NWO
So, we've all (or atleast enough for TPTB to take note) seen or heard of the blatant illuminati/occult symbolism displayed in the commercials and stadium, predictive programming, prophecies and predictions, and frightening notions of flimsy security and underground bombs being planted. My question is, where does it go from here, and why is it that TPTB seem to be so openly hinting at some sort of large scale disaster or sacrifice happening? Personally my best guess is that it has a large correlation to Fast and Furious, or likely the huge spy program supposedly being started: [link to www.rawstory.com] If anything ends up happening come game time, I can't say I'll be surprised since the majority of the general public is still completely asleep to these symbols, and TPTB could easily erase any traces of the predictions being made here and everywhere else. It just makes more sense to me that this could just be fresh bait to lure all the conspiracy theorists/truthseekers out of their caves and onto a list. What are your guys thoughts on this? spock
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18444060
United Kingdom
06/30/2012 07:53 PM
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Re: 2012 Olympics False Flag NWO
possibly... they would make use of any scenario if it helped them in any way.
We must not allow fear to overshadow your quest for truth, many heinous crimes against humanity have been committed in this world. This is undeniable.
We have to recognise them and inform ourselves, some of it might be dis- info, however, I have no doubt that the wrong kind of people are in charge.

The dark are becoming more overt so their rituals/symbols have the greatest effect. The danger for them is that more souls can see what they are doing and who they are... the great battle for your soul is approaching, courage is your key.
Knowledge is power..