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United States
07/01/2012 04:21 AM
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Message for the coming months ahead
Holder is the just the patsy in this little game that CIA and NSA have been playing. Political power and possible shifts in Mexico regarding the "War" on drugs and who they want to be the next president. Calderon the current President in mexico has tried to halt the drugs coming into the us along with other agencies but its very overwhelming and when 90% of the people that work in politics in mexico being on the cartels payroll makes it near impossible. Lopez Obrador has paid off Zeta cartel soldiers to sabotage the elections and intimidate voters and promised "protest" if he loses, hes backed by communist dictators and over seas Muslim extremist elements along with Chavez and others. If Obrador somehow wins masses of Chinese, Iranian, Venezuelan troops will swarm and take advantage of the situation and control the region. This is very scary because they are on our back door and whats worst of all is that our leaders in office want this to happen its very sad that they want most of us dead. If you have firearms hide them buy ammo and store what you need bury it whatever and keep an eye out for "Emergency" broadcast soon this year there will be a shit storm and an excuse to declare a martial law seems in the works soon. Your children are your first priority take care of them and don't hesitate to protect them remember a badge does not mean they are going to help you they work for the PTB and there are few exceptions in small towns but big cities forget about it. For Ex military you are the first targets so watch out band together and always remember that it's up to you to help out and teach what you know to those that don't. You must also remember that people no matter what race creed or nationality in times of great peril are known to forget the little things that separate us work together. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian if we are to survive we need to cooperate. Stay safe and prepare teach and most important of all care about your neighbors and family because in the end that's all you have.