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Message Subject Meanwhile back at the ranch.....................
Poster Handle JV520
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Ok so i live in Tucson and pretty much know how the TPD work and how to avoid them lol....but not to be mean this state has a very small percentage of black folks and really i'm not going to be a racist but i have noticed that the only black people here that are decent and have a nice way of going about and carrying them selves are the refugees from Africa. I work with a guy from Sudan and asked him this question and he laughed and said Africans and Black Americans are not the same we don't even consider them real black people in Africa.
I have also noticed that Me being Mexican american see that my people act different here too in mexico you get respect if you give it and people are mostly nice but here in the us it seems like everybody has beef and wants to fight or do something stupid.Anyone else have any stories they want to share???
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