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Subject gaint alien invasion weird dreams - same story line
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've been gettin these dreams occurring around same theme - giant alien space ships hover over the cities of earth - we make attempts 2 contact them but no response - then 1 day they emerge all @ once these huge giants ( some dreams they encased all in metal like giant robots - other times i dream there humanoid - but always they're giants).

thats when the harvestin begins - the panic, fear an shock on all the human population is devasting ppl run scream hide an some try 2 fight -

its as if the aliens had been waitin for us to reach a certain stage of evolution an population - they feared we would b 2 advanced an more importantly to polluted with how we as a food source we progressing.

the first days of the culling as it came 2 b know was devasting we had no way 2 fight back - we however manged 2 discover that they had limited visual eyesight an tended to harvest humans by body heat, electronic usage ie mobles or computer use or by sound.

they haverested usually 3 stages - afternoon , night - these ones were the more humanoid aliens which came out of their ships to havrest an wuld then return 2 there shipt. Then u had the electronic ones which eerily stood still till it picked up any electrical impuluse or sound near it.
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