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Convergence 2012

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07/06/2012 03:24 PM
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Convergence 2012
You're about to sit down next to Uncle Mike, if they'll let me convert these damn MP3s up into a movie..

It is important to remember that the entire meme is to draw the common person into a personal relation to the developing archetype. It is done by representing specific experience/conditions into the persona of the archetype to make the growing 'abilities' of humans feel as if they are coming from within, not without.

The Nobody archetype comes from without (exterior to us), but is found to have relationship to our within (interior experiences). Then, a feedback loop occurs, oscillating back and forth.

Some with psychological issues will allow the feedback to take over their thought patterns.

Other openminded free-er personalities will assimilate the feedback in a healthy way, further opening the mind to greater possibilities of human potential in relation to contact with our spiritual selves.

And some will ignore it out-of-hand, as the material and 5 sensory perceptions is what rules their perception.


If he is going to stand up, then he has to prove who he is. Otherwise, there is absolutely no sense in standing up.

What could there possibly be as proof? I know how it would have to roll out...anyway... It will not be a person standing up proclaiming he is the one. IMO, he would never proclaim himself to be the one. Again, there is absolutely no reason to do so.

If he exists, he is the message. He is not a messenger. In other words, people will not need to be told he is the one. Circumstances will dictate that he is the one...period.

What would the roll-out consist of? Everything converging in his direction. Everything converging to his lines of 'thought'. It should be a natural convergence, though I am positive some will try to capitalize on it, perhaps be trying to preempt the natural roll-out. Which, when people proclaim that they are the One, is exactly what they are trying to do.


OK, he has influence. If he is on GLP, then he influences people on GLP. What if people that are having specific experiences are trickle down effects of what he experiences?

So, some of us experience crazy coincidental things about the Nobody, because he is here, and influences our experiences, our thoughts etc., without us even being aware of it. WE WOULD NOT BE AWARE OF THAT EFFECT. That is how he accomplished all he has...because his influence cannot be detected, only observed after the fact.

Which fucks with US. So many come forward thinking they may be him, because we experience the effects of him. We READ HIS THOUGHTS. If he truly exists and is what it is claimed he is, and he posts his thoughts on GLP, then he is effecting us not in a small way, but a HUGE way. And there is no way to find out how it is happening, or which effects are changing us.

If we are reading his 'thoughts' by reading what he posts, then his thoughts are inside our minds, influencing us and we will immediately think it is ourselves, because there is no way to discern if we were influenced by him, or if there was no influence, and it is just our own progression.

What if some of our crazy experiences that match up with the Nobody meme, are not us having our own unique experiences, but instead are him bleeding into our own realities.


Not sure if I can explain it properly. I kind of 'see' gaps in information. I don't know how to express that correctly. But, to make this brief, I 'feel' like I know what this guy would have to be like. I don't know 'who' it is, but I know what his personality would be like. This is way outside all the 'CIA' tried to kill him bullshit.

He is 'hidden' from them because the work that takes place is not so much in the 'material', but he ends up 'influencing' the material.

This 'influence' cannot be pinned down, because it doesn't originate in the material...so, it could be ANYBODY. But, if he was 'elite' or in the Illuminati or things like that, then they would have been able to figure out who it was through energy signatures, bloodline, most likely candidates, etc.

We hear it over, and over, and over. That he has 'God' on his side. Why do people say that? Because he is 'working' in the non-material, which ends up manifesting in the material.

But They don't know how someone could possibly do that, because it is so extremely advanced. They thought no one could be more advanced than them in the non-material aspects of controlling how majic manifests into the material.

He literally does stuff that is impossible to Them. Their only answer to this is to say that he is working through God...or actually, God is working directly through him.

HOW does a human do what Nobody does...ie, working in the non-material with absolute precision and in such epic sized changes, and yet remain invisible?

So the hunt was on. To find him through astrological charts, personality profiling, ancient texts, areas that have been influenced, etc. Imagine what 'They' have at their fingertips for this kind of search! Data-mining, phishing, red-flagged words and topics, narrowing down the field.

Eventually 'They' would find him. Try to use him...not 'arrest' him or try to murder him. They would want to find out who the hell he could possibly be. Different agendas, different factions, all having different ideas as to what to do...ripping Them apart...by his influence.

You see, he didn't have to do anything! The mere knowledge as to who this guy was, created enough of an influence to shake Their foundations. Uhoh, take a step back, reorganize. Get AWAY from his influence. Start tracking him, find a weakness, and go exploit it.

So they start, and every time, they fail. They think he has weaknesses, but the weaknesses just do not exist. They are like illusions. He just walks through all the mind games, all the nightmares, everything They throw at him (not necessary physical, but those started as well), as if he is God's gift to badasses.

So, now, he has basically 'won' the game. His influence is changing everything. The good guys, the bad guys, everyone is 'liking' this guy.

They start throwing everything at him. See how much knowledge the guy can soak up. See how much he can 'play' in the non-material. Phish, and ask questions on forums where he frequents...try and understand how his 'mind' works. What he likes, dislikes, what he thinks about. They try and start 'using' him, his thoughts and mental abilities. He doesn't mind.

He understands what all this is doing. It is creating an influence directly from him (Source) and is embedding it into EVERYTHING. Here on GLP, maybe where he visits, they put out feelers on threads. And, when specific information is brought up, or needing to come out, or needing to be relayed, you get all these people playing at roleplaying...convoluting everything.

They do not want to expose Him yet. They are teaching him things, just as he is teaching them things. Why? Again, to embed his influence into everything.
 Quoting: Swinging on Spirals
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07/06/2012 03:28 PM
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Re: Convergence 2012
Above quote from latest Nobody Thread, on the money.

Thread: The Developing Archetype - No Music Vids

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02/02/2014 04:39 PM
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Re: Convergence 2012

Astrology Forecasts, by Carl Boudreau


[link to www.youtube.com]