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World controling and Transformation to Angel [Dream]

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07/10/2012 06:17 AM
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World controling and Transformation to Angel [Dream]
I continue my interesting dreams series. Ill try to make it short today.

First dream part was about world leaders meeting. They want to decide what to do with ppl all over the world. I saw Putin and few other leaders from Eu. They was talking about economics and how to rule waking ppl. They want war. Its only path they see. I left them met some warriors. But just one listen me and want to leave this fake coming war. We activated mines all over the path we walked. After some time i turned back and saw big atomic mushroom.

Wake up for 30min 5am watched how sun rises. And go back to sleep :)

I continue dream. I become an Angel. yes real angel with wings and felt huge power inside me. My mission was to find other angels. Every angel was earth element. i was wind angel. huge part of dream i searched other angels. I find them all but our powers was not enough. We fight with shadow demons witch was controlled by demonic world ruling powers. I knew we missing some parts. we need not 4 but 6 elements. I found golden crown with wings in front. I heard someone explained me, i can transform(wakeup) an Angel spirit in any simple human with this crown. So i found 2 ppl who had angelic spirit inside and wake them up. They become white and purple colored angels.
We find narrow tunnel in the mountain and entered hall. The battle started inside. If anyone saw last battle of matrix it was something like this just shadow demons try to attack us from all sides, they come from walls, ground and ceiling. We destroyed millions i was using something like light wind lazers from my hands nonstop coz demons flow like water from every corner. We won this battle.

Later i saw many ppl stuck in airport. They stand in lines for like for weeks. And could not leave the lines and go outside. Saw how few hackers destroyed this controlling system and ppl leave airport. They was very angry. saw burning cars in the streets. controlling system lose its power.

Later i jumped to other scene, i helped some middle aged womens climb to icy tower with slippery spiral staircase. I helped them till world grid started to break. Then i jumped to air and watched how everything breaks down to pentagon or hexagon parts like grid broke down.
My mission here to create heaven in this world.
Search for thread: Merkaba chakras meditation by art. Balance yourself. Preparing body for multidimensional self.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6282271
07/10/2012 07:32 AM
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Re: World controling and Transformation to Angel [Dream]
World grid? You mean a grid around Earth? I remember reading something about that here at GodlikeProductions.
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07/10/2012 01:10 PM
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Re: World controling and Transformation to Angel [Dream]
I suggest you make one thread for all you dreams. Might be an interesting read for some of us here:)
the angel man

User ID: 19477232
07/10/2012 07:24 PM
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Re: World controling and Transformation to Angel [Dream]
Here is osme info on the grids and the Pentagons.from
[link to angelconsciousness.blogspot.com.au]

Gaia & Albion

This Christ connectedness is not in conflict with concepts of Gaia. The Earth itself has two angel fragments. These are embedded in its structure, and identified by the number 60. They are;

an icosahedron (20 sided structure) whose side is a triangle, (3 sided). This is the Gaia structure, female the triangle being a receptive shape. Its colour is blue, and it is more lunar. It is the lunar fragment. This is the origin of stories about Lemuria.

Moon fragment of Earth structure. Notice the ‘as above, so below’ forms.

A dodecahedron (12 sided structure) where the sides are the pentagon, (5 sides). This is a radiant form. The angel calls the fragment Albion, the old name of England, but I have seen it called Solaris because of its solar nature. It is the sun fragment. It is emerald in colour. This is the origin of stories about Atlantis.

Sun fragment of Earth, structure.