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Message Subject World controling and Transformation to Angel [Dream]
Poster Handle the angel man
Post Content
Here is osme info on the grids and the Pentagons.from
[link to angelconsciousness.blogspot.com.au]

Gaia & Albion

This Christ connectedness is not in conflict with concepts of Gaia. The Earth itself has two angel fragments. These are embedded in its structure, and identified by the number 60. They are;

an icosahedron (20 sided structure) whose side is a triangle, (3 sided). This is the Gaia structure, female the triangle being a receptive shape. Its colour is blue, and it is more lunar. It is the lunar fragment. This is the origin of stories about Lemuria.

Moon fragment of Earth structure. Notice the ‘as above, so below’ forms.

A dodecahedron (12 sided structure) where the sides are the pentagon, (5 sides). This is a radiant form. The angel calls the fragment Albion, the old name of England, but I have seen it called Solaris because of its solar nature. It is the sun fragment. It is emerald in colour. This is the origin of stories about Atlantis.

Sun fragment of Earth, structure.
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